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Key Surgical

Key Surgical is a global provider of sterile processing products to hospitals and clinics. In an otherwise dull and boring industry, Key Surgical shines bright. But with high maintenance costs and the lack of a mobile-friendly experience, it was due time for an upgrade.

Key Surgical Desktop layout
Key Surgical mobile web design layouts
Key Surgical tablet web design layouts

White space and large photography were used to capture the modern, premium aesthetic of the brand and its products, balanced by splashes of bold color and friendly typography to convey the fun and quirky side of the company.

Key Surgical full page website layout
Key Surgical interior page website layout

A robust search engine and wish list builder simplified how users could find and order from a library of over 3,000 product SKUs. The implementation and customization of Expression Engine’s content management system (CMS) led to significant reductions in maintenance and support costs. Combined, these two improvements alleviated major pain points both for customers on the front-end and Key’s internal team on the back-end.