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Yukon Partners

Yukon Partners specializes in mezzanine capital financing to middle market businesses. The name “Yukon” is symbolic to the wild and mountainous territory in northwest Canada; a location beloved by the company’s founding partners. The new website not only highlighted the deep experience and professionalism of the firm's team, but also embodied several artifacts true to the natural Yukon environment.

Yukon Partners desktop web design layout
Yukon Partners mobile web design layouts
Yukon Partners full page web design layout
Yukon Partners full page web design layouts

The Yukon motif was personified in three ways: iconography, patterns, and photography. The iconography depicted a visual language consisting of sketched engravings of flora and fauna found in the Yukon territory. A topographic map was translated into a background pattern used to add visual distinction and separation between the site’s navigation and page content. Photography of the mountains was curated from a local Yukon-based photographer (Jonathan Tucker) to reproduce the natural beauty and wonder of the region on-screen.

Yukon Partners Icons
Yukon Partners patterns
Yukon Partners lifestyle shot